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Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

Listed prices are current as of November 2023..

Delivery fees for Melbourne, Victoria and Interstate

Many of the heavy and bulky items we produce are assembled onsite. Some can be sold as kits and others not. If in doubt, please ask.


Melbourne Area

We can personally deliver and install all products in Victoria. Items delivered for interstate and larger orders are freighted by our third party delivery partners in either semi disassembled or fully assembled form based on your request.  Ask us for further nformation and we can quote your next delivery.  Making great solid outdoor furniture is our passion.

Victorian Regional Areas

Australia Post and parcel services simply cannot move furniture so we are left with freight companies and removalist to take up this challenge. The cost of this overhead generally makes most cheaper single item products unviable. As an example the cost of the truck (left photo) is billed to us at $150 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours. Their time is calculated from their depot to us, to you and then back to their depot. We cannot compete with this but on smaller loads our rates can be competitive if you do not have your own transport options.

Most freight companies will insist on palletised loads and add costs for Hydraulic tailgate deliveries in residential areas. Costs therefore start from approx $300-$400 and work upwards based on destination, quantity, product size and weight.



Interstate and Alternative Deliveries

Along the east coast we use a removalist to ship furniture, for the Sydney area their minimum charge is approx. $450 for a single item and Brisbane approx. $550. Cairns can be as high as $1,500. For multiple item removalists charge approx. $250 per table.

Outside these main corridors into Central Australia and out West, most freight is palletised and shipped by interstate freighters. This is all quoted by cubic volume, weight, location, unloading facilities etc.. Every destination is different and needs a separate quote.

We recommend that you try the main carries and do not use companies that act as Agents such as Transdirect. Whilst some Agents are reputable others like Transdirect for whom we have disputed several client bills have proven to be totally inconsiderate and unresponsive.

We are more than happy for you to organise your own freight, especially if you have existing contracts with freight companies a


Freight and Onsite Assembly

Some items can be shipped loosely to save space and assembled onsite. If you have your own maintenance team or feel competent in doing this then freight costs may be able to be reduced. In some instances we have even flown interstate to assisted with large rollouts.

The best solution is often a phone call away…