7 Lloyd Street Heidelberg Heights Melbourne VIC 3081.

Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

With the post COVID rush and ongoing resourcing shortages Current Lead Times for new work is running at approx 12 weeks.
Please note we make everything to order and do not have stock. Listed prices are current as of 1st July 2022. A price rise is due in Nov 2022.

About TKTables

About TK Tables

TK Tables represents the perfect marriage of all the skills, life experience and wisdom that my gorgeous partner possesses. As a natural self-starter, he found an early affinity working with wood constructing pergolas, decks and carports in the 1980's. A brief change of direction came in the form of a move into the IT industry managing large corporate IT departments. The wheel turned again in the 2000's as working for pleasure became more important than working for a dollar.

TK Tables was reborn out of a genuine desire to simplify life and do an honest day's work combining all our skills and new aspirations. Whether that be creating CAD drawings on the computer or in the workshop building a unique piece of furniture to consulting with clients to ensure they get the product they want, TK Tables is built upon those rare and increasingly hard to find old fashioned values of service, quality, value for money and care.

I can occasionally be seen in the workshop sweeping the floor or out on the road helping with a delivery. The simplicity of what has been created is brought home to me every time I witness the pure joy on people's faces when the furniture they have dreamt of turns up in their life as a reality. These are truly magic moments. As an aside, I offer celebrant services to the community that are underpinned by the same values that are foundational to TK Tables. We hope to welcome your enquiry soon.