Compact T Design Outdoor Timber Furniture Table

From $ 925

  • Table Height : 76cm
  • Bench Seat Height : 46cm
  • Table Width : 60cm up to 1.4m
  • Table Length : 1.5m or 2.4m
  • Seat Width : 20cm
  • Overall Length : 1.5m to 3m
  • Overall Width : 80cm + the table width
  • Approx Weight : 200kg +  depending on size and timber
  • Comes in an unstained raw timber finish
  • Comes in an unstained raw timber finish
  • Available in  these timber types : Refer to our Timber Characteristics Guide
  • Fresh Ironbark Hardwood Garden Sleepers
  • Fresh H4 Treated Pine Garden Sleepers
  • Recycled Railway Sleepers (Ironbark or Red Gum)
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By far the most popular and versatile outdoor timber furniture setting that we produce. A simple connected wooden bench seat and wooden table top combination that can be configured to suit school yards, public areas or cafes.

The ability to sit down to a wooden table without having to climb over a wooden bench seat and the option to configure the table for wheelchair accessibility makes this a very popular choice where accessibility is paramount.

This outdoor timber furniture setting normally sits 6 to 8 people with smaller variations commonly used in cafes seating 4 and larger public setting seating up to 12. The wooden tabletop and the wooden bench seats are fixed together as one unit with provision for the table to be anchorage to the ground.

Due to the weight of the wooden table these settings are normally partially assembled in our workshop and the final assembly is performed onsite. The look of a solid piece of furniture is evident with this series as the entire outdoor timber furniture setting including the wooden bench seats, uprights and ground plinth are all made from 75mm thick sleepers.

Timber Type & Table Width 1.5m long 1.8m long 2.1m long 2.4m long 2.7m long
Treated Pine Sleepers 60cm wide $925 Exc
$1,017 Inc
$1,005 Exc
$1,105 Inc
$1,080 Exc
$1,188 Inc
$1,170 Exc
$1,287 Inc
Treated Pine Sleepers 80cm wide $1,060 $1,155 $1,260 $1,365  
Treated Pine Sleepers 1.0m wide     $1,450 $1,555  
Treated Pine Sleepers 1.2m wide       $1,750  
Ironbark Sleepers 57cm wide $1,205 $1,315 $1,425 $1,535 $1,650
Ironbark Sleepers 76cm wide $1,390 $1,515 $1,635 $1,770 $1,900
Ironbark Sleepers 95cm wide       $2,010 $2,150
Ironbark Sleepers 1.15m wide       $2,300 $2,450


Timber Type & Table Width 1.8m long 2.4m long 2.7m long
Recycled railway sleepers 75cm wide $2,635 $3,130  
Recycled railway sleepers 1.0m wide $2,875 $3,695 $3,835
Recycled railway sleepers 1.25m wide   $4,100 $4,295
Recycled railway sleepers 1.5m wide     $4,725
  • Optional Extras :
  • Oiled with 2 coats of Cabot’s Aquadeck Oil $430
  • Central umbrella hole 45, 50, 55 or 65mm $20
  • Wider bench seats  38cm. Pine $125, Ironbark $180
  • Dressed Pine or Ironbark in preference to sanded +15%
  • Dressed Recycled Railway Sleepers in preference natural +35%
  • Railway Sleepers Pressure Clean $95
  • Delivery Charges or Free Pick Up