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Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

Listed prices are current as of November 2023..

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Product Specifications

  • Light steel welded frame made from 20mm RHS
  • Merbau decking cladding on 4 sides
  • Planter Box Height 80cm
  • Planter box Width 30cm
  • Planter Box Length 125cm
  • Inner shelf to sit pot plants on
  • Other sizes on request.
  • Comes in an unstained raw timber finish
  • Available in  these timber types :
  • 90mm Merbau Slats

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Product Description

Wooden planter box screen dividers are an ideal way to have raised planter boxes containing small plant but also an attractive light timber screen that can be movable. Most of these outdoor planter boxes are designed for small 6’ or 8” pot sizes but these can easily be made larger if required.

These outdoor planter boxes have the raised planter box section just large enough that the pots sit below the surface allowing easy watering and views of the foliage rather than the pots themselves. The bottom section of the wooden planter box is empty which reduces the weight.

The attractive cladding of the wooden planter box is made from durable merbau slats with the raised planter box section containing a treated pine shelf that will allow any excess water to flow through. Most people prefer to have these outdoor planter boxes made with caster wheels so that they can easily be moved around.

These wooden planter box screen dividers are extremely versatile and maintenance or replacement of pots is simple. They are a very effective way to divide spaces whilst providing a link to a nature.

Size and Price : 1250 long x 300mm wide $ 960

  1. Optional Extras :
  2. 100mm Diam Set of 4 Caster Wheels $125
  3. Delivery Charges or Free Pick Up