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Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

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Product Specifications

  • Table Height : 76cm
  • Table Widths : 72cm, 86cm
  • Table Length : 1.8 m, 2.4m
  • Seat Width : 28 cm
  • Overall Length : 1.8 m, 2.4 m
  • Overall Width : 1.54 m, 1.69 m
  • Approx Weight : (150 - 200kg)
  • Designs : Both the ‘A’ profile wide leg and ‘H’ profile narrow leg
  • Available in these timber types :
  • Treated Pine F7 Grade (A soft timber, relatively stable, with knots )
  • Spotted Gum F27 Hardwood (This is a very durable seasoned and stable hardwood).
  • Comes oiled with 2 coats of Cabot’s Aquadeck.

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Product Description

This all in one wooden table is an ideal outdoor timber furniture setting that can complement any garden setting or commercial site. With the steel frame it’s a rigid and sold design that will withstand commercial use and is ideal for public spaces.

The simple design of the frames ensures there are minimal obstructions for access be it a lawn mower or simply a sweep and clean. The pencil rounded timberand steel frame edges also make this wooden table setting  smooth to touch.

The wooden table has an oiled finish and provides a wide comfortable set of attached bench seats. The steel frame is finished in a ‘Black Satin’ powdercoating. The steel frame with a wooden table top makes this comfortable even in hot sunny environments. The default setting seats 6 people comfortably.  4 and 8 seater options are available for larger quantity orders.

The choice of durable timber options ensure that this is a true outdoor table in every sense that will withstand the elements and retains it clean look four years to come. The modern looking design and smooth edges makes this wooden table outdoor timber furniture eye-catching as well as functional.

Both the seats and the table tops come with 5mm gap spacing between the boards.

Timber Type & Tabletop Width/Length 1.8m long 2.4m long
Treated Pine F7 Softwood 72cm wide $2,650 $2,900
Treated Pine F7 Softwood 86cm wide $2,740 $3,020
Seasoned Spotted Gum F27 Hardwood 72cm wide $3,695 $4,425
Seasoned Spotted Gum F27 Hardwood 86cm wide $3,990 $4,810
  • Optional Extras :
  • Central umbrella hole 45, 50, 55 or 65mm $25
  • Steel anchor lugs $75
  • Delivery Charges or Free Pick Up