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Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

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Product Specifications

  • Bench Seat Height : 36cm
  • Default Bench Seat Width : 50cm
  • Overall Length : 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m & 2.7m
  • Overall Width : 65cm
  • Approx Weight : 150kg + depending on size
  • Comes in an unstained raw timber finish
  • Available in  these timber types : Refer to our Timber Characteristics Guide
  • Recycled Railway Sleepers (Ironbark or Red Gum)

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Product Description

This railway sleeper low wooden bench seat with a comfortable backrest is a perfect way to recycle old timber that still has many years of useful life left in it. With a generous double width garden bench seat it is surprisingly comfortable to sit at and having a low profile it does not obstruct the garden views.

A stunning but simple wooden bench seat that can blend into the natural bushland or garden setting with its unique rustic look. There is a sculptured curved front edge on the garden bench seat that makes it more comfortable to sit at as it does not dig in at the knees, and with an inclined backrest you could spend hours comfortably sitting and blending into the scenery.

Railway sleepers add character to a garden bench seat because each railway sleeper is unique with its own set of spike holes and defects. Every furniture item will therefore look slightly different. When solid railway sleepers are used to construct a wooden bench seat not only is it maintenance free, but generally it looks better as it ages. The scale and thickness of the furniture makes it eye catching and a significant addition to any natural setting.

Timber Type & Length Amount
Recycled Railway Sleepers 1.2m long $1,166
Recycled Railway Sleepers 1.8m long $1,415
Recycled Railway Sleepers 2.4m long $1,771
Recycled Railway Sleepers 2.75m long $1,947
  • Optional Extras :
  • Railway Sleepers Pressure Clean $125
  • Delivery Charges or Free Pick Up
  • Raised Seat Height to 46cm $ 205