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Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

Listed prices are current as of November 2023..

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Product Specifications

  • Table Height : 76cm
  • Bench Seat Height : 46cm
  • Table Width : 96cm, 1.15m
  • Table Length : 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 2.7m
  • Default Bench Seat Width : 38cm
  • Approx Weight : 350kg + depending on size
  • Comes in an unstained raw timber finish
  • Available in  these timber types : Refer to our Timber Characteristics Guide
  • Fresh Ironbark Hardwood Garden Sleepers

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Product Description

Called the ‘Queens Table’ this is an elegant combination for compact bulky style rustic table that also has a matching designed set of sleeper bench seats. The setting consists of the table and two long benches. Everything in this furniture setting is made from 100mm thick sleepers.

For the timber lovers there is a lot of timber on offer here so this outdoor timber furniture setting is obviously heavy and cannot be moved around (apart from the bench seating). This is a beautiful combination of solid timber and functional furniture.

The rustic table can be left natural to weather out grey or oiled to retain the wonderful timber grain and charm.

This rustic table has style and grandeur and the double width stable bench seats are very comfortable. All the edges have a distinctive bevel to soften the larger dominance of the furniture.

The table needs to be assembled onsite whereas the benches are premade before delivery. Both the tables and benches listed here can be purchased separately.

Timber Type & Table Width 1.8m long 2.1m long 2.4m long
Fresh Ironbark Hardwood Sleepers 96cm wide $3,695 $4,150 $4,585
Fresh Ironbark Hardwood Sleepers 1.15m wide $4,110 $4,455 $4,995
  • Optional Extras :
  • Oiled with 2 coats of Cabot’s Aquadeck Oil $550
  • Central umbrella hole 45, 50, 55 or 65mm $35
  • Dressed Ironbark in preference to sanded +15%
  • Delivery Charges or Free Pick Up