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Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

From $ 2,715

Product Specifications

  • Table Height : 76cm
  • Bench Seat Height : 46cm
  • Table Width : 95cm
  • Table Length : 1.8m, 2.4m
  • Seat Width : 35cm
  • Overall Length : 1.8m or 2.4m
  • Overall Width : 95cm or 1.92m
  • Approx Weight :   120kg+
  • Designs : Attached bench seats or separated bench seats
  • Comes oiled with 2 coats of Cabot’s Aquadeck.
  • Available in  these timber types : Refer to our Timber Characteristics Guide
  • Treated Pine F7 Kiln Dried Softwood
  • Seasoned Blackbutt F27 Hardwood

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Product Description

This high end solid bespoke furniture outdoor picnic table has a smooth surface and comes oiled to ensure it will look great all season. With 2 design options and 3 different timber options it’s a great looking picnic table for any formal area.

Being bespoke furniture you can ask for other sizes as every unit is hand made to order. These picnic tables come in 2 basic designs. The first with attached seats and the other with two stand alone bench seats which makes this setting very versatile as you ca move these around or even add additional seating to the ends of the table.

There is substantially more timber in the construction of these picnic tables than in basic conventional picnic tables and aesthetically it is more pleasing to people who are inspired by the look of timber. Bespoke furniture takes time to create so these tables need to be ordered well in advance.

The detail to this picnic table is main distinction with its pencil rounds on all edges, the fact that there are no surface screws on the table to or seats and the rigid stiffening and bracing that ensures its stability for years to come. The setting comes with two attached long benches and additional shorter end benches can be purchased separately.

All in One Design    
Timber Type & Table Width 95cm 1.8m long 2.4m long
Treated Pine F7 Softwood $2,230 $2,350
Blackbutt F27 Hardwood POA POA
Separate Benches Design    
Timber Type & Table Width 95cm 1.8m long 2.4m long
Treated Pine F7 Softwood $2,715 $2,835
Blackbutt F27 Hardwood $3,805 $4,385
  • Optional Extras :
  • Central umbrella hole 45, 50, 55 or 65mm $15
  • Delivery Charges or Free Pick Up