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Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

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Product Specifications

  • Bench Seat Height : 46cm
  • Default Bench Seat Width : 28cm
  • Overall Length : 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m
  • Approx Weight : 50kg + depending on size
  • Comes in an unstained raw timber finish
  • Available in  these timber types : Refer to our Timber Characteristics Guide
  • Treated Pine F7 Kiln Dried Softwood
  • Seasoned Spoted Gum F27 Hardwood
  • Vic Ash/Tassie Oak F17 Hardwood

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Product Description

There are 2 types of wooden bench seats that we offer, the first is the conventional style and the second one is this trestle style where the legs fan out. The main advantage with type of wooden outdoor furniture is that is has a larger contact base with the ground and is therefore mush more stable.

The second advantage over conventional straight legged bench seats is that we can have a much wider seat which translates to more comfort. The aesthetic look of this outdoor furniture is also more profound as it highlights the stability that is incorporated in the design. This style of a wooden bench seat is not only more stable but its visually more appealing. In areas where there is uneven ground or where there are safety issues the advantage of having splayed trestle legs becomes obvious.

All our wooden benches seats are designed to be used around existing dining furniture so that they can be used for addition seating capacity if required. They are all based on a 460mm bench height which is that same dimension as dining room chair. All the benches are also made from durable timber so that this is a piece of outdoor timber furniture as well as being able to be used indoors.

280mm Wide Benches - 'A' Frame Benches 1.2m 1.8m 2.4m
Kiln Dried F7 Treated Pine (reeded) $545 $695 $790
Victorian Ash / Tasmanian Oak Hardwood $800 $895 $1,000
Seasoned Spotted Gum F27 Hardwood $885 $1,085 $1,280

Optional Extras :

Oiled with 2 coats of Cabot’s Aquadeck Oil $195

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