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Solid Outdoor Timber Tables & Outdoor Garden Furniture

Terms and conditions

All quotes come with these terms and conditions attached. These Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases of Kropf P/L products and service work:

General Terms & Conditions

The agreement shall be construed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Victoria. The person accepting this quotation for and on behalf of the Client warrants that they are duly authorised to act it on behalf of the Client. The Client and the person accepting this quotation warrants that the information contained in the quotation is true and correct and is not deceptive or misleading. Kropf P/L reserves the right to alter designs therefore images and designs may vary from those portrayed on the website. Dimensions provided are approximate only.

The parties agree that once a deposit has been made this quotation becomes a contract and contains the entire understanding between them and that no variation, amendment or waiver shall be valid unless with the express written consent of Kropf P/L and signed by both parties.

In the event that a variation in the details is required by the Client which necessitates an increase in costs then those increased shall be paid by the Client to Kropf P/L at the time of the payment of the final balance.

The Client shall pay all amounts on their due dates and no amounts shall be retained by the Client under any circumstances unless provided for in this contract. In the event that the contract provides for payment on or before delivery or installation then no delivery or installation shall occur unless payment is first received by Kropf P/L. Further any warranty shall not take effect unless payment in full has been received by Kropf P/L.

The client shall pay interest at the rate of 2% per month on any amounts outstanding and any debt collectors charges incurred until the date of full payment .

In the event that the Client does not complete the purchase for whatever reason then all deposit monies will be forfeited and the Client shall pay Kropf P/L all losses, costs and expenses incurred by Kropf P/L.

All conditions and warranties as to quality, fitness, suitability or being fit for a particular purpose and any implied conditions are expressly negatived to the maximum effect the law allows. Nothing contained in this contract shall exclude, restrict or modify or have any effect of excluding, restricting or modifying the application of all or any of the provisions of Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (as amended) or any relevant State Act or Territorial ordinance which by law cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.

An administration fee of $25.00 will be charged by Kropf P/L for each dishonoured payment made by the Client.

All orders paid by credit card will incur a credit card surcharge of 3.0%.


Most of the furniture is extremely heavy when delivered and is winched off a trailer. The standard delivery fees include placement of the furniture within 1 metre of the delivering trailer. If furniture needs to be moved beyond the winch positions then a second person might be required and will be paid for by the client or provided by the client. Onsite assembly is available for free if requested at time of placing the order.

Access & installation

For anchored fixtures, the *Excavation cost is based on a hole depth of up to 300mm dug in soil without rock. The single upright Anchored Garden Seat is anchored to 600mm. Should external equipment (like jackhammers) be required to excavate the hole or a secondary hole is required, the cost of such excavation will be at the clients expense.

The Client shall make available to Kropf P/L and at the expense of the Client all necessary power as may be required by Kropf P/L including the operation of its air compressors and other equipment that may be required.

The Client must ensure that access to the premises and access to the work site is clear of obstruction and is in a safe and secure condition to enable Kropf P/L to perform the work. Such access shall be sufficient to allow Kropf P/L to position its trucks, trailers, equipment and personnel to where the work is required.

In the event that Kropf P/L is unable to obtain free and uninterrupted access or where its access is delayed for any reason beyond the control of Kropf P/L then the Client shall pay to Kropf P/L all costs, expenses and losses incurred by Kropf P/L and/or its installers as a consequence. Such costs and expenses shall include an installation charge of $100.00 for each installer for each occasion that Kropf P/L or its installers attend the site and are prevented from performing the work and any other costs incurred by Kropf P/L as a consequence.

In the event that the Client does not take delivery on the delivery date then any additional